Warning Canceller $15.00

Car manufacturers using alternating current in most of new cars to extend the lifetime of halogen bulb. HID xenon conversion kit require continuous current. Under alternating current xenon bulbs starts flickering or not function properly. Solution for this is the HID Error Message Canceller.


The HID Error Message Canceller also known as HID Decoder, Warning Canceller, HID Anti Flicker Capacitor, and Canbus Killer. It is useful for vehicles that get a ‘Flickering” or strobe effect when installing after market HID kits . These capacitors are used in the rare case that your car does not support after market HID headlights.


Also they will eliminate “Bulb out” warnings or “bulb failure warnings in Mercedes, BMW and other cars.


The problems occurred in those computer-controlled vehicles.


Cars known to require this are: Chrysler 300C, Dodge Magnum, Dodge Charger and some BMW models and Mercedes Benz (usually late models only)

Stand Alone-Canbus $55.00

The Morimoto Standalone wire harnesses are the perfect solution for a headlight upgrade on vehicles with finicky headlight systems. Say goodbye to “bulb out” warning lamps and flickering caused by “can-bus” systems.

Buy your Stand Alone-Canbus now!

HID Relay Harness $20.00

A Relay Harness connects the HID Conversion Kit directly to your cars battery. The Relay Harness will draw power directly from your vehicle battery instead of your factory wiring. This will elimate issues caused by vehicles with DRL (Daytime Running Lights). Relay Harness also protects your factory wiring and extends the life of the hid ballast. The harness connects to the vehicles factory OEM socket and does not require any cutting or splicing, using the OEM connections will allow you to turn on and off your headlight using your factory light switch. One Relay Harness is needed for each HID Kit.

Morimoto Relay Wire Harness $34.99

Customers often ask, Do I really need a harness? Yes! A relay harness is designed to deliver steady voltage to your HID ballasts directly from the car battery. Nobody likes a flickering headlight, so why risk it? Factory headlight outputs are really only designed to power a halogen light bub, not an HID ballast.

Buy your Morimoto Relay Wire Harness now!

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